The White House String Shoppe is located within White House of Music’s Waukesha location. We are a specialty division of White House of Music selling fine violins, violas, cellos, basses, and bows.

When you visit the White House String Shoppe showroom, warm wood floors, soft lighting, and an elegant atmosphere invite you to try our fine instruments. You will always find each instrument perfectly in tune and ready to play. That’s because our staff of string players quality-tests each instrument daily to ensure that it is in optimal condition for prospective players to experience the best the instrument has to offer. Our unique soundproof showroom allows orchestral string players to try instruments confidently, and comfortable seating is provided for parents and educators who wish to accompany students to the String Shoppe.

Outside the showroom, orchestra accessories including strings, rosins, rockstops, and more are for sale, attractively arranged and neatly organized. Browse our expansive sheet music collection, featuring WSMA contest pieces, orchestral string methods, and excitingly arranged anthologies to develop your technique and expand your repertoire.

We invite you to visit the White House String Shoppe to experience the best in orchestral shopping.

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